Plastic toys are products that are produced with a plastic injection machine. This field is very wide. All kinds of plastic game parts in lucky packages, building blocks and puzzles, devices such as engines, cars, airplanes, etc. are among the devices that are produced in the field of toys with these devices.
HXM series plastic injection machines (standard series) are suitable for producing these products.

The production of plastic toys has a good profit margin and if it has creative designs, it can take a large share of this market.
Also, the packaging of this product is important and has an impact on the customer’s purchase process.

In choosing the plastic injection machines for this field, the material of the parts, the size of the largest production piece, the production circulation should be kept in mind and by carefully examining the manufactured products, the appropriate machine should be selected.
Choosing the right plastic injection machine and high-quality raw materials has a direct impact on high-quality products.

Raw materials for toy production

To produce these products, polymers such as light polyethylene, polystyrene, etc. are used. Because children deal directly with toys, using high-quality raw materials can be a better option in terms of health and hygiene.

Features of the HXM series seromotor injection device

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