injection molding machine ( HXM SERVO MOTOR)

injection molding machine ( HXM SERVO MOTOR)

The plastic injection machine (servo motor) is a series of advanced and general machines that has many applications in various industries. These devices can be used in different tonnages (65 to 2500) for more than 90% of plastic products

These devices are equipped with a servo motor and drive system, which saves energy and increases the accuracy of the device

All equipment such as pump, motor, driver, etc. used in the device are of the best global brands. Also, the use of ultra-advanced intelligent control system has brought a very convenient user

In this device, the consumption of hydraulic oil has been greatly reduced compared to the old hydraulic devices, as a result of which less water is needed for cooling, as a result of reducing water consumption, it increases the consumption of useful hydraulic oil



  :Features of the HXM series injection molding machine

System for adjusting and controlling the density of material

It has three sizes of cylinders A, B, C and also size D in the use of tonnages (choice of different items and customer needs)

Injection protective cover

Instantaneous comparison between the pressure and the set pressure and corrections until the pressure is set relative to the pressure. (pressure valve loop control)

No energy loss with the ability to coordinate the energy consumption of the injection unit

 40%energy savings compared to the energy pump system

 60%energy saving compared to fixed pump + constant speed motor (depending on the product, the energy saving effect is different)

Using a sensor with high accuracy and inspection and a rotary encoder for closed-loop control of pressure and flow and increasing repeatability

Complete with level and air temperature control alarms

Low noise of 78 db (When the device does not move, the normal servo motor is noiseless from rotation.)

Low hydraulic oil and thus reducing cooling water consumption

The new and strengthened structure of the clamp that can reduce the stress and deformation and improve the strength and accuracy of the part

Advanced hydraulic design for easy access to elements

Oil filter system


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