High speed injection molding machine (HXH series)

High speed injection molding machine (HXH series)

The High Speed  Injection Molding Machine (HXH High series) is designed with the highest technology and the use of the most reliable global brands to produce thin-walled containers.

In this device, to increase the speed of the production line and reduce energy consumption, two separate devices are used for injection and consumption. Having two separate servo motors makes the injection and clamping parts perform their operations separately.

Among the other changes applied in the mechanical system, we can mention the increase in the distance between the tie bars and the increase in the injection pressure.

Considering the high speed in the production of thin-walled containers, the use of a high-speed plastic injection machine can account for this importance

Advantages of high speed plastic injection machine

High accuracy

High speed

Equipped with two servo motors

Reducing energy consumption

High quality of the manufactured product

Increasing production efficiency

Low noise

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