about us

The plastics industry has played an important role in facilitating daily life in recent years, so the products produced in this industry are increasing day by day. Lack of sufficient technical knowledge in selecting, using, maintaining and repairing production line devices has caused huge costs for business owners.

 For this purpose, Viratech Bartar Pars Company was established with the help of a group of specialized engineers with 20 years of experience in the plastics industry to meet and improve this need.


The company initially started by designing and manufacturing thin-walled molds. In order to improve the quality of products and meet the technical needs of customers, he also signed a contract with his business partner in Turkey, which led to the production of high quality molds that can compete with similar foreign models.

This industrial group with high technical knowledge, along with equipping the complex with advanced CNC machines, has been able to become the center of production of thin-walled molds in Iran and the region, as well as repairs and after-sales services in the field of molds. Plastics industry devices and equipment. Run with the highest accuracy and quality.


Using the technical knowledge of its robotic team, which is the result of nearly two decades of experience in the best manufacturing companies in this industry, Viratech designs, manufactures, repairs and maintains plastic injection robots (top entry, side entry, etc.) And IML equipment.

In addition to its production activities, in order to facilitate the access of companies in this industry, this group imports all kinds of plastic injection machines with the latest technology from HIGHSUN COMPANY, which is one of the top 5 companies producing plastic injection machines in the China.

Another activity of Viratech Industrial Group, due to its complete familiarity with the plastics industry, is consulting and launching zero to one hundred production lines of plastic products.


We have always sought to recognize the needs of plastic artisans so that we can take steps to upgrade the machinery and equipment of this industry.

The basis of all Viratech activities is based on needs assessment and honest advice to customers, high accuracy and speed in construction, as well as extensive after-sales service.

We believe that our cooperation as a technical and specialized arm in this field with plastic craftsmen will be very useful and effective.